Pause for a moment…

Stop feeding your soul with your own propaganda,
stop telling yourself that your life is inadequate.
It’s not.
There is no expectation, no failure,
no middle-ground and no ends within your soul.
The more you starve away from the things you like
and feed off what you tell yourself you should like,
the more you’ll gorge on commercialised media
and trending products
that profit off your anxieties
and perceived inadequacies
by illuminating them,
framing them, contextualising them,
then providing an instant, purchasable solution.
If you do purchase this product,
as a means to quieten the deeply fused demons you locked inside, you’ll only be poking them, not letting them out,
and to prod the devil is to provoke pain,
and the cycle will scale beyond any previous heights.
Put down your devices,
go for a walk,
sit down,
now write.

…This was a ‘lil note I wrote to myself, maybe it’ll help you out too…

You get to choose the cycles that circle your experiences
which then piece together your life. A life. The only life you ever get to navigate and toy with.

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