the three part healing equation

wounds; open channels

my mind is on overdrive,
concocting anxieties
that seem so real from a distance,

I’m dizzy from standing still,
there’s no serenity
in this maelstrom of
missed opportunities
and self-doubting undercurrents,
churning, churning,
beneath the still surface
lapping the shore,

I can’t seem to dislodge the fragments
of my broken pieces,
caught up in the sand,
disguised amongst seashell shards and ground rocks,
these fragments of my past drag through my flesh
with each footstep,
cutting old wounds open,
where no scab forms
to turn into a scar,

peace of mind is a beautiful thing,
why must it be so fleeting,

I’m more fragile than I seem,
I’m not okay,
but I’m trying to be,

trying to be more put together
than I feel,
I don’t want you to worry,

I’m trying to conquer this mind of mine,
I wish I could do it alone,
I hate dragging you
into my mental chaos,
I know you’ve got your own

scabs; survival badges

this is where it all spills out
this is where we haunt our own shadows
and cast our own light,
shouting at our echoes
so that they don’t haunt us in the night,

the moon illuminates our footprints
as we draw muddy etchings
across untouched earth

opening doors we fixed shut,
creating holes in the walls we built
to make them a little easier to knock down
without destroying ourselves,

let it bleed, let it bleed, let it bleed,
let it all seep out,
let the crimson rivers run dry,

that way the wounds will not
become stalemate –
breaking ligaments,
but simply beautiful marks
that only you possess,
that only you can accept

scars; soul tattoos

struggle can erode our bones
when external clashes continue
within one’s own mind
regardless of where you stand,
there’s always a closed door
that can be re-opened,
and if it be further down that tunnel,

so be the scar a little deeper,
a lesson imprinted,
of what can be overcome,
that all pain does pass

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