Warm Breaths

Whenever I’m up at night and can’t sleep
the only thing that soothes me is the thought of you
washing over me,
I miss you,
your voice
your touch,
the soft back and forth caressing of your palm on my arm,
your quirky smile and your smacking wit,
baking days and homemade pizza dough and
freshly squeezed orange juice in the mornings,

I look back over sunshine awakening mornings
that whispered peace through the breeze
and cuckooed hope and cheer through the leaves,
nesting into your warm hugs,
your embracive arms a shield

I’m in a better mental space now than the last time we talked
I’ve got more stable foundations and love in many corners,
I rest easier, breathe deeper, stretch longer,
I take up more space than I did,
the last time we talked

I miss car trips through Triabunna through Taroona down to Hobart,
I miss munching on crunchy sandwiches
by the shore as the waves role over and caress the earth,
rugged up in the jumpers you knitted us
and thick tartan rugs,

I miss our chats about language and semiotics and
whether the panda eats shoots and leaves
or kills his dinner time feast,
receiving books for gifts,
weaving through a gorse maze,
gliding amongst the trees on that sun-licked tire swing,

I miss calling you,
the sound of your voice instantly relaxing me,
washing over my tired eyes
softening my clenched teeth,
that delicate, articulate tone of warmth and creamy nectar,

this memory is breathing through the windows and warming my cheeks,
this breeze is rocking me to sleep

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