seamless imprints

I imprinted your heart onto my mind
so that I’d be able to reach inside my thoughts,
to hold your hand in mine,
a souvenir from where I left off,

I knew a while back that I was a nomadic spirit
so I zipped up my spinal chord,
fastened the lock,
kept all the necessary documents bunched in a stack,
let the unavoidable frivolities spill between rough folds and loose sheets,
and I was off,

I trace your fingerprint patterns onto my flesh
on the nights I can’t sleep,
I’m far from you,
on the other side,
trying to gain perspective,

I made the choice to part from this place
when we were just getting started,
sometimes that thought makes me want to bury my head
beneath all the pillows and blankets
and never return to the sunlight,
thank you for teaching me how to tell myself the truth,
instead of digging,

when I see you writhing in pain or unable to get up off the floor when your legs give way
it makes me want to gather all of your bones and cradle them in my arms and call it home,
wrap your aching limbs in silk sheets
held together with Sunday-market-honey,
makes the mornings taste sweeter,

your frustration in those yawns of 48-sleepless-hours for the third time in one month alone
makes me wish I could exchange a couple of those hours with you,
maybe I’d be able to properly learn the ukulele
within a reasonable time period,

lately this head has been spinning,
tabletop tilt
relentless mulling,
around and round and round
into trails of dust in the stillness between us
I just want to pull you in closer yet,

you’ve got gentleness interwoven between your fingers
folding into me when you hold me,
you always seem to know when there’s an earthquake culminating in my system
long before I start trembling or yelping,
you’ve wiped tears from my cheeks,
tucked my hair behind my ears,
breathed deeply with me when choking felt like the only possibility,
cuddles on the couch watching avatar feels like magic,
drifting off to sleep on Appa’s back,

I can feel your marshmallow lips draw away from mine still,

let me taste your electricity,

everything ties together,

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