United States of Ventriloquists

These circulating fish have teeth now and they know how to bite,
these rules have got us now and the keys are out of sight,
while bombs are dropping in Africa and the middle east,
blockades stomping over peace,
sending the best cameras and microphones and robotic reporters
to tell us that Africa and the middle east aren’t safe but the us will fix it,
the Western world grows from the seeds of fear and greed
supplanted by a poisoned seed,
believing that it must be Africa and the middle east that are the danger to ye,
Mk-ultra drilled through the left side brain of society,
we’re on the verge of an insidious WW3.

Blinded to see that the real enemy is
one part complacency
two parts widespread denial of logical conspiracies.

It’s all a game
back and forth,
weave around and take out the pawns,
can no longer hide behind the “I vote” stickers of a false democracy,
horses and sheperds in their high castles
guard the ivory towers that keep the powerful wealthy and the majority deceived,
pay attention to them not those in the pent houses, not those on TV.
Check mate.
We’re here again,
swimming with piranhas and hungry sharks,

there are more than two choices
there are more than two choices
there are more than two choices,

if you want to be free you must admit to yourself
that the reality you revel in is only an illusion,
everything is an illusion,
as long as you are aware of that, you can change the illusion.

Trust the media as much as you trust the government.
Do your research. Learn history from many perspectives.
Listen to the unpopular opinion.
Let’s not divide, nor condemn,
let’s stand by each other.

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