Midnight silhouettes

Do you need footsteps clicking beside you to remind you that you have friends,
did that last text message need to be sent,
when was the last time you checked in with yourself
before 3am,
mental breakdown-hour
it seems too easy to say that we were only ever friends
I guess it depends on what you do between the sheets
and we just shared each other under the layers,
no whispering of secret truths,
just dreamt out our insides side by side night after night,
it seems too simple to say that we forgot the most important dates of the year,
each day leaks into the next and we remember only when it’s too late to rehash who we were,
and what does it matter,
the things we told each other before we slipped into our midnight silhouettes,
you only say half of what you mean,
leave me guessing in between,
always something left unsaid
from both ends,
you don’t drink anymore,
said it was much too easy to drown your thoughts than let them out,
breathe in toxic chemicals that extinguish the burning neurons,
I’m left alone on the dancefloor when you’re too afraid of your mind to let me in,
it seems impossible to know
and guessing never helps,
the drizzle in the phone connection disperses the transgressions we tried to spear with our tongues
and lick off each others’ lips,
we told each other every secret we’d ever bundled inside ourselves
except the centrefold of our hearts,
you could never say we were only ever friends.

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