y’know those things that aren’t “supposed” to be there but feel good?
hold onto that feeling, in as many places inside that it exists,
it’s worth the torment of not fitting in,
it’s hard when odds are stacked against you,
and you’re sometimes against yourself
as the odd one that doesn’t fit,
but those pretenders that keep trying to fit into a crack in the cement
instead of investigating the nature that rests within
will feel it when left alone, with only their shit.

last night a car mounted the footpath to try and run my gf and i over for being and appearing queer
and these three drunken cowards in a car felt the wrath of two trash queens ready to take on their shit.
as if. they think queers don’t fight back. well guess what, your scare tactics don’t work on the strong,
see we’ve been here before and we can take you on,

we’ll out-wit you even if you never admit to being wrong,

too cowardly to actually kill us
just trying to instill the fear into us,
it’s old and won’t scare us off.

we can smell your fear from that blue Mercedes your parents paid for,
keep your seatbelts on and hope you don’t crash,
yeh, we saw you slow down when we leapt behind that tree on the fucking nature strip,
what? afraid you’ll damage your clean paint-finish crashing into nature’s existence…
yeah, yeah, we heard you speed faster and faster behind us on the footpath up until that moment.

so back off unless you want to try and beat us up,
we may be timid and little but we’re feisty when we need to be,
self-defense has been a necessity ever since we unlocked our fingers from our parents’ grip,

do you still live with mum and dad?
i bet they’d fucking hate to see what you did last night to two human beings
interlocking hands and having a merry time,
i’m sorry for you that our joy represents rebelling against your status quo
but if you threaten my girlfiriend or i outside of your killing machine,
i’ll kick you in the nuts with my steel-toe boots
and we’ll stare you down
and we’ll tell you

we are here and we are staying until mortality kisses our lips and puts our bodies to rest,

sorry to hear that you were drunk behind the wheel and your mate in the back seat can only mimic getting outta that car
at least have an incentive (cause fragile masculinity won’t cut it) before you threaten our femme-wrath,

i can think of two times in my life that i’ve let out sounds i’d never heard myself yelp,
one was at my grandmother’s funeral as her casket was drawn away, the other was last night when three drunken men in a car mounted the footpath and sped up behind us,
yelling obscenities out the windows
and having a laugh,

how dare you
make a joke of threatening to murder us
for existing
and being happy.

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