Running to Nowhere

You’re on the run

once again

Can’t hold you down

cause you’ll fight your way out,

you’ll crawl out the other side,

you’ll flee as soon as it all gets a bit too much

flooding, crumbling

oozing, seeping,

pushing it all away,

seeking a clean slate.

You’ll write your name in the sand

on many beaches

and watch it wash away,

the vast ocean

will swallow it up

and keep it forever

your name imprinted on the Earth’s tongue

your restless feet

your overcrowded mind

will retreat,

retreat into the dark tunnels of a hidden path,

It is disguised as freedom,

you’ll soon discover,

you’re rushing, charging, storming straight

toward a dead end in the road.

Souls Submerged in the Soil

Let’s go exploring and see what we can forge,

Together we can find something bigger than ourselves,

maybe, together honey,

We’ll discover where we are, who we are, what we’re here for

The questions start flowing

as we start running,

Pouring through the empty towns,

and hollowed out streets,

over cobblestone paths and unfilled pot holes,

Trudging through the muddy grass,

Stepping across vast flourishing fields

the possibilities seem endless.

The sun beams onto our sweating faces,

the rain showers upon our skin, dampening our clothes, washing away the day’s whims

The stars glimmer, the moonlight floods the trees,

with their intricate branches,

wrinkled bark and crumpled leaves,

persistent weeds grab and cradle the roots of the structure as it persists.

We nest in the depths of the darkness,

the mysteries remain,

the curiosity still lingers,

awaiting another day of exploration,

we’ll just stay here for the night,

burrowing in each others’ arms,

entangled in our insatiable desires and inquisitive minds

to experience it all.

Internal Freedom

There’s something about curiosity that I find irresistible,
There’s something charming in vulnerability
To leave oneself open
And to be free
To run wild, back to our origins,
Rough beginnings are better than crippling fears, cause at least you started, and you’ve gotta start somewhere
You can only fight yourself for so long, soon the mask will begin to wear and disintegrate
All you’ll be left with is an unpolished, raucous reality
What will you do then,
Will you have anything? will you recognise reality, or will you slip into falsity?

Your wild side
Is found in that spinning thought that always comes back,
Late at night, midway through a meeting, a class, a conversation,
Those still random moments that are peppered through your day,
That wild dream, that’s taking a back seat in the road of life, sometimes it peeps its head into the front seat
just to remind the driver of their destined path that desires to be awakened