Life and Living

There is so much out there yet to be seen

So many undiscovered creatures,

So much untouched land

Gilded cages may keep you safe and warm,

but they only coop you in

The armchair you’re viewing life from may be softer than a cloud,

more elegant than a train ride

But with time it’ll fade and wear,

it’ll lose its bounce and cushioning

and you’ll soon be stranded and sitting on the cold floor

It’s only then that you’ll realise the beauty of taking risks

Of doing it on your own

and taking your life on the high road

Chances offer changes

and create space so that bigger things can replace the empty spaces

So that then we can create space for the things we love

and take time

So that we can ditch the list of could have dones…


Dancing in the spring sun 

Basking and bathing in the pure sunlight. 

Feet on the ground, head in the clouds. 

Peace and quiet, peace of mind. 

The stream is calling, I politely decline.

See where the wind blows and follow that line.

Seek the sunshine, seek the light,

see the stillness in others and you’ll eventually find it within yourself.

Taking it day by day gets you closer to where you want to be, 

Incremental progress is better than crippling assumptions of future uncertainties.