dismembering embers

fading embers disperse into the night sky
a forgotten fire
in the cold light,
the ash conceals
the words strewn across
the exploded lights
of the speckled sky,
the way we read our insides
through joining the dots in the dark,
a guided imitation of our minds,
as we dance our pains and paint our sights
to bring the fire within back to life,
the cold returns,
the day winds and curls to nothingness,
this is when we come to life,
when we ignite ourselves
surrounded by the death of
what we once created,
another sum of atoms implodes,
burns through the night,
the fire inside always burns for something,
we unearth what’s buried inside
to feed the furnace,
to cast shadows,
to share our light.

Go forth

To hold it all together is the hardest part of all,

’cause no matter the pain you’re in,

life is moving on, calling for you to join in.

Sometimes I like to unlock my chest

just to let my heart wander the depths of these pages.

All I need is a pen and some paper,

just to keep the dark thoughts from seeping out into the open,

The tough times are passing,

and soon this will be just another life lesson,

I’m still broke, but I’m working,

My heart hurts, but it’s healing,

My world’s shaken in all different directions,

So now, once again, I hold all the ropes to my future

and the sun is shining,

the clouds are breaking,

as the sky is awaiting to be filled with dreams and passion