Sewing trails of love into fertile soil

Hey, I see a universe in you
– and together we be a multiverse

It’s like all the clocks in the world stop ticking,
every grain of sand turns to glass,
and the sun and the moon blink at each other just for a moment,

When I close my eyes and think of you,
I envision these endless plains of calm,
forests full of library shelves
and seashores where every gain of sand
is a whisper of kindness.

I daydream about us and road trips. Beach picnics. Spoken word. Talking late. Staying up. Laying down. Holding fast. Fucking slowly. Feeling rainforest rain on our brows. Giving each other reasons to raise them.

Ever noticed that butterflies are considered beautiful yet
moths are considered terrifying
but the butterflies you fill my stomach with
scare me more than any number of moths flitting toward a light ever could,

what I’ve found in myself for you,
is a kind of undoubtable love.
It just is. It’s just there. No name. No conditions.
No metaphors or comparisons.
Just, love.

I know you have to go away,
but while you’re still here I really want to do my best to help make what we share so full of fun and good memories, growth and happiness.

Maybe it’s the echo of a heart shattering in an empty hallway,
the memory of a loved one’s last embrace
or the taste of a lover’s last kiss,

catching passed glimpses of life before it’s lost
reminds us we can step inside them again
when we’re feeling lost,
nothing disappears
things just dissipate to infuse the world around us,
some things linger on

take the sleeve of my jacket
tuck it away, in your pocket,
feel my warmth on your skin
when I’m no longer around,
taste my kiss just a little while longer,
I promise I’ll keep you warm inside
even if it means we don’t share the same the same ground

In the name of friendship

We sat in that cafe

And I poured my heart out

And told you my greatest fears

I told you about what my heart aches for

as I painted my perception of the world to you

And you told me yours,

And you cracked a modest smile

And told me that I was a warrior,

I smiled back

And took your advice

as I listened on as you shared your words,

We carried on sipping our hot drinks on that rainy winter day

as we shared our poetry and fragments of personal and made-up stories

As we do from time to time,

exchanging our thoughts and ideas

In this sacred space where everything goes and all is valid and worthy of critique

Where concepts flourish as they burn radical change through unturned pages

The uplifting and enlivening moments

Are the ones we must keep

And hold onto forever

To help us learn and grow